25th Anniversary Conference
Human Rights For All

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AutCom 25th Anniversary Program: Human Rights for All

AutCom has outdone itself in planning our 25th anniversary conference.  We all know that people on the autism spectrum have multitudes of talent, and we have gathered a lot of it.  You don’t want to miss this outstanding opportunity to hear presentations by those who identify as autistic and to be able to talk with them and with other attendees who understand and share your passion for making a good life with autism.

Conference Program

You can download the full conference program here. This document has been udpated as of September 18, 2015. We also have biographies of the presenters.

Keynote Addresses

(in alphabetical order of presenter)

More Than Neurodivergent: Autistic Rights in Social Justice Movements
by Lydia Brown, a disabled activist and writer whose work focuses on violence against multiply-marginalized disabled people

Typed Words, Loud Voices
by Elizabeth (Ibby) Grace, an Autistic disability activist and Assistant Professor of Education at National Louis University in Chicago

Who Defines Social Justice?
The Culture Clash between Academia, the Service Industry, and True Advocates
by Linda Rammler, Technical Assistance Director at the University of Connecticut Center for Excellence in Developmental, Research and Service, the spouse of a person with disabilities and an adoptive and foster parent of youth with behavioral health needs

The Power and Right to Connect
by Emma Zurcher-Long and Ariane Zurcher. Emma is a public speaker, a writer and is Autistic; she communicates by typing. Ariane is a writer, public speaker, artist, award-winning jewelry designer and mother.




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